Abstract: many people have been to the Motor Show one or more times. They often want to see hot and sexy car models and the equally good motors. But they do not pay attention to there is something different from the motors.
Airwheel X3 single wheel scooter
In the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and Paris Motor Show, there are lots of customers who want to buy a new car or just a fan of Lamborghini or Maserati. They all wonder about in the exhibition hall. Of course there are many customer who wants to see the beautiful and handsome models. Everyone has its goals.

In the early years, the super-star of the motor show would definitely be a super cool sports car or new concept car from a famous brand. Such as the Tesla mobile, Benz’s smart and Mini Cooper classical version. They all can lead a trend all around the world. They are just as classical as the times.

However, there is a totally new superstar this year. The Airwheel scooter shines brightly like the sun in the motor show. Is it amazing that the superstar of the motor show is not a really mobile but a new kind of transportation tool—the electric scooters. It became the superstar not as the exhibition product but as the working tools.
Airel S3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter

This is because that Airwheelself-balancing scooter is of super cool quality. In the period of the motor show, there would be lots of people in the exhibition hall, if the staff wants to move around to coordinate something, they would choose something move swiftly and won’t make extra-noise. Airwheel scooter is equipped with lots of edge-cutting technologies that can make sure the scooter can function quietly and stably. For that the electric self-balancing scooter adopts the high nanometer synthetic resin material which possess the quality of small self-weight.

And it takes only 0.25 square meters. The staff can place it anywhere without worrying about being stolen. What is more, when staff ride the scooter or just stand on the scooter. It is higher than people standing on the ground, in that way, the staff can easily monitor the overall situation. The battery of Airwheel scooter is SONY battery with original packaging. This kind of battery can ensure the long-lasted service life of the scooter. The staff need not to recharge the scooter frequently.

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