Airwheel F3 electric mask: Make every breath comfortable and clean

Abstract: Now, wearing masks is still very important. But the uncomfortable experience of wearing masks is still widely criticized, which makes many people worry about this. The F3 smart mask introduced by Airwheel, which will be introduced today, was created to bring a more comfortable and smooth breathing experience.

Airwheel F3 Smart Mask

Airwheel F3 smart mask that can bring a comfortable breathing experience adopts a three-dimensional design, which can perfectly fit the contour of the face when worn, so that the face can be stressed more evenly, and therefore it will not feel bulky due to the increase in the weight of the mask. In addition, better fit and better airtightness is also achieved. For users wearing glasses, it can help them avoid the embarrassment of glasses fogging.

Airwheel F3 fresh air mask

The core design to solve the problem of suffocated breathing is the fresh air module equipped with F3 fresh air mask. In addition to the filter structure of the module’s external cover, when the power is turned on when wearing it, it will actively send air to the inside of the mask. Both exhalation and inhalation are filtered by the filter element. Compared with the one-way filter air valve mask, it not only brings low resistance, but also the breathing experience can also ensure the safety of people around.


Not only that, the smart fresh air module is also equipped with a sensor module, which can intelligently identify the wearer’s motion state, combined with scientific algorithms, can flexibly adjust the appropriate air supply volume according to the wearer’s or running, walking, or stationary state to ensure breathing comfort.

Airwheel F3 electric air mask APP

Except for the filter element and the fresh air module, the rest of it is made of high temperature resistant materials, and modular design is adopted. The cover can be disassembled directly when sterilization is required, and the operation is simple and effective through high-temperature boiling. There is also a smart APP specially developed for F3 electric smart masks, which is installed on the mobile phone. It can actively remind the filter element to be replaced according to the use situation. The user only needs to replace it in time according to the prompts for convenient use. Also, the App has the functions such as battery reminder, remote switch, and time display etc.

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