bout the frequently asked questions of the Airwheel SE3 scooter suitcase.

Abstract: Airwheel has summarized five FAQs about the SE3 rideable suitcase and hope it would be helpful.

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01: What should I do if my suitcase is out of power?

Airwheel SE3 motorized rideable luggage has a “riding” function, but it still keeps the towing mode of the traditional suitcase for emergency needs. It uses a hidden one-piece telescopic alloy rod with adjustable lengths of multiple gears, ensuring a comfortable feel for users of different heights, habits and preferences.

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02: Is it troublesome to switch between the two modes during use?

To switch between riding and towing modes, you only need to press the telescopic switch.

Airwheel SE3 suitcase electric scooter adopts the design of an electric telescopic structure. The riding rod and riding wheel can be automatically extended or contracted under the electric drive to meet the needs of users. According to related tests, the precision push rod motor used in SE3, combined with an alloy shell structure, can withstand strong tensile and torsion forces, and can continuously expand and contract numerous times.

airwheelse3-smart riding suitcase

03: Is battery life enough to support the journey?

The lithium battery capacity of Airwheel SE3 riding luggage is 185Wh and the actual battery life is affected by the specific use environment, but it is sufficient to meet the needs of normal travel. As its lithium battery adopts a modular design, it can be directly plugged out and replaced without tools. If the above cannot meet your requirements, you can prepare more batteries in advance.

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04: Will the SE3 scooter luggage be deformed after long riding?

The shell is made of ABS+PC high-strength composite material, which has sufficient toughness, is non-slip and scratch-resistant, and can remain brand new even after long-term use. In order to fully support the weight of the rider, the main frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy material, which has been strengthened and hardened by special technology. The load can reach about 100kg.

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05: Is the storage space affected?

The internal storage space of SE3 smart suitcase is 29.3L, with a reasonable layered structure. The internal planning can be specially placed for small objects. It can organize all kinds of different luggage in an orderly manner. The lid specially adopts a side opening design to temporarily pick and place items to ensure that the items in the luggage will not be scattered out.

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