The supplement of city travel system-Airwheel intelligent e vehicles

Abstract: As an intelligent equipment brand, Airwheel has products that vary in different series and styles. All of the types, electric skateboards, folding e bikes or smart e bikes are for making up the shortcomings so as to provide freer and more pleasant traveling.

City travel system like undergrounds and buses evolves to be more and more perfect but night’s off-the-line and the last miles from station board to the destination is still a trouble for people who live in city. Airwheel, a supplier that devotes itself to provide more flexible and comfortable intelligent electric vehicles, launches a various kinds of riding products to solve the above mentioned problem. The following listed vehicles can be taken as examples for application in city travel.

Electric standing scooter: Z5
Airwheel Z5 is a powered scooter, collapsible and fashionable. It can reach up to 20km/h, more efficient than walking. High quality aluminum alloy frame gives Z5 both mini size and enough strength. Besides, it can load no more than 100kg. The height of operating rod can be adjusted so it can be commonly driven.

Backpack electric scooter: E3
Airwheel E3 can be called a very mini sized bike which can utilize space reasonably and fold itself into a small volume so as to be put into the customized backpack. Users can shoulder it, lift it or drag it like dragging a suitcase. All of this owns to the main special folding design-two wheels can be dropped down to the two circles. Unfolding status of E3 backpack electric bicycle is also a very eye-catching gadget that always be the focus of passers-by riding in the streets.

Electric assist bike: R5
Airwheel R5 is an electric assist bike with three ride modes. Riders can pedal it completely by man-power or purely by electricity-driven. Meanwhile, you can also experience the unique way of combining these two modes to do labor-saving riding. Moreover, R5 electric power bicycle has equipped with 16-inch big tires for coping with most of the road conditions.

The above cute Airwheel vehicles can be applied with each kind of public transporting tools. In this way, riders can do reasonable route plan. Even facing with traffic jam, they can help you to get out of it.

So the city travel system supplement needs Airwheel intelligent e vehicles.

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