How about John’s feeling when wearing Airwheel F3 reusable electric mask?

Abstract: Airwheel F3 smart fresh air mask is a new technology product that can bring a unique experience. Like Alice, John was one of the lucky men to get a F3 smart mask. So how’s John’s feeling when wearing it?

John is a senior student and is preparing his graduation paper at home. In the past four university life, he has got three Airwheel products, from the M3 electric skateboard, Z5 electric scooter and SE3 rideable smart suitcase. Now, John feels lucky to experience Airwheel new products-F3 electric fresh air mask and also he thinks it shows its social responsibility.

John thinks highly of its unique technology structure. Airwheel F3 smart fresh air mask can bring a smoother breathing experience, and can fully avoid the secondary inhalation of exhaust gas, which ensure that every breath is fresh air, effectively solve the long-term wearing poor breathing problems with facial indentation, fogging of glasses, etc. At the same time, the modular design can also be disinfected by means of alcohol wiping and high-temperature water boiling, realizing the possibility of repeated use.

Of course, John also installed an Airwheel app to control it remotely. Other than that, the app can promptly remind the replacement of the filter, low power, record the wearing time, adjust the smart mode of the fresh air mask, etc.

Like others, John has the doubts of whether F3 electric mask can be used there is no electricity. He has proved it can be used. After removing the motor, the filtering effect is just like the N95 mask. For the battery life John feedback is about 4 hours, and it varies to the wind speed. He also notes that it is recommended to buy an additional single motor, if you want to use for a long time. Airwheel F3 can also be used while charging and the filter is generally replaced for 16 hours of continuous use. It is recommended to replace it according to the APP prompt.

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Fight against novel coronavirus, you might need an Airwheel F3 electric smart mask.

Abstract: 2020 is a eventful year with the appearance of novel coronavirus all over the world. The main routes of transmission of the new coronavirus are respiratory droplet transmission and contact transmission which refers to infections caused by patients sneezing, coughing, talking droplets, and exhaled gas inhaled directly. So the masks are essential and Airwheel F3 air expert mask is to protect you.

Airwheel F3 smart mask uses 4 layers of high-efficiency filtration technology, which can effectively block harmful substances such as PM2.5, bacteria, and viruses. The part directly in contact with the wearer’s face is made of food-grade soft silicon material, which has no odor, does not irritate the skin, and is not easy to age; at the same time, applying ergonomics to achieve a 360-degree fit to the face, with even force. The long time wear still makes you comfortable and will not leave indentations on the face. The good fit makes for a good seal. For those who wear glasses, there is no need to worry about the fogging of the glasses when wearing a mask.

Disposable masks are recommended to be worn for 4 hours each time, so they need to be replaced regularly. This also caused a situation where masks were difficult to buy during the epidemic. Many people spent a lot of energy to buy masks. The Airwheel F3 fresh air mask can be recycled. The silicone material is not only antibacterial, but also able to withstand high temperatures, which can be disinfected and reused by daily use of alcohol wipe disinfection or high temperature water boiling (boiling 5 minutes to kill 99.99% of bacteria). The filter is replaceable and generally replaced for 4 hours of continuous use.

Airwheel F3 electric mask is equipped with a specially developed APP. Open it and you can receive the reminder of filter replacement. In order to prolong the use time of the filter, you can take out the filter separately and store it in a sealed bag when not using mask. It is also equipped with professional sensors, which can detect the wearer’s walking, running, riding, sitting, standing and other dynamic and static states, and intelligently adjust the wind speed to ensure comfortable breathing at every moment.

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Things to Consider When Getting the Luggage for Kids

Abstract: There are a lot of different designs and concepts for kids luggage available to buy on the market. However, it is important to make the choice based on needs and utility. Maybe the test ride of Airwheel SK3 children travel suitcase can be your reference.


The best suitcase for children should be a durable one that lasts for years without wear and tear. Luggage made from less durable materials will cost you more in the long run.In some cases, luggage can even break while traveling, which can be even more stressful. Therefore, it is best to let the children sit on the suitcase or drag it by themselves. Airwheel SK3 rideable suitcase for kinds meets this and it is strong and durable, and can be used for a long time.

Ergonomic Design

Kids will love to carry around if the suitcase is ergonomically designed. Airwheel SK3 suitcase electric scooter for kids can also easily for the child to push, pull and pick up. What’s more, the DIY stickers with different colors are available. Dress up each child’s unique personality suitcase. The cartoon stickers are waterproof, and can be pasted repeatedly with good flexibility, and not easy to tear.


The best luggage for children should be comfortable to push around and carry by children. It should not be too heavy, too kinky, etc. The more comfortable the bag, the easier it is to carry, the happier the child will be when he pushes it around and feels more independent. Airwheel SK3 children travel suitcase is inspired by the child’s bright smile, and incorporates the arc of the smile into the product shape, using rounded corners, while reducing the risk of direct injury.

Materials Used

Materials are also one of the biggest considerations in finding the best luggage for children. For frequent travelers, looking for something sturdy and comfortable is a great option. Other items to consider include waterproof materials, hard and soft shells, fabrics or plastics and more. Airwheel SK3 chooses the child-friendly and safe materials to give us a worry-free travel experience.


If you require more help, please feel free to contact our customer service team. Reach us via email or by phone, please email or call our number +32(0)2 259 45 83.

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