Airwheel SR5 self-driving suitcase allows you to just enjoy the pleasure of the trip.  

Abstract: The suitcase is an important piece of equipment used to store all kinds of necessities during the journey. However, many people take too many things during travel ignoring the hauling of suitcases on the road, which is exhausted. In fact, you have a better choice, such as the smart suitcase that can automatically follow behind – Airwheel SR5 following suitcase.

As a suitcase, Airwheel SR5 uses UWB military radio positioning and following technology, built-in custom micro UWB base station, and is equipped with an RF beacon bracelet. As long as the wristband is worn and the button is turned on, the SR5 self-driving luggage can quickly identify the owner and implement automatic follow-up. It is also equipped with ultrasonic sensors, infrared probes and other sensors to work together to multi-dimensionally identify and detect complex environmental conditions in front, allowing SR5 to sense obstacles along the path and calculate the current speed and distance in time to take better deceleration and obstacle avoidance programs.

In order to ensure the safety of the suitcase and avoid the loss in the automatic follow-up state, the SR5 sets the safety distance. Once the sensing distance exceeds 3 meters, the APP and the mobile terminal will immediately vibrate the alarm, and the LED strip on the side of the SR5 will also flash quickly, thus achieving the dual protection of touch and vision.

Mobile phone app is specialled developed by Airwheel for the SR5 intelligent auto-following luggage. It can be connected to the smart luggage through Bluetooth. In addition to the alarm, it can also be used to view the power, speed and other information for simple fault detection and setting, or realize the wireless remote control of the luggage on the mobile phone, making the SR5 become a large remote control toy.

The SR5 self-following suitcase has a cabinet size of 210X550X381mm. It is a 20-inch boarding suitcase that meets international standards. The 30L large capacity inside the cabinet can be used to meet the needs of a week’s travel. It also features a flexible tiered design and a versatile mesh pocket that separates clothing and belongings, as well as some of the items that need to be taken out of the way, all in one place for easier access.

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Airwheel latest electric automatic folding wheelchair makes a hit in the REHACARE 2019

Abstract: REHACARE 2019 has been kicked off on 18th and it will last to 21st. at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany. Catch the opportunity now and try Airwheel latest electric automatic folding wheelchair at Hall 6, 6E61.

REHACARE Exhibition is the world’s largest exhibition of rehabilitation products for the disabled. The international REHACARE exhibition is held once a year. Every year, a number of disabled people, chronically ill patients and related traders will visit the exhibition, which once again and again to prove the professional status of the exhibition. As a high-tech enterprise, Alway has been developing AI robots, “Intelligent” IoT sensing technology and multi-dimensional intelligent products. There is no doubt that Airwheel smart wheelchairs are popular in the REHACARE.

Airwheel intelligent wheelchair, equipped with powerful double motor wheel, can reach the highest standard speed 6km/h; the control handle is equipped with intelligent controller, switch, horn, acceleration, deceleration and other buttons at a glance; the control mode is simple and clear, 360°intelligent joystick can control of the direction flexibly. Airwheel power chair allows you to fully enjoy the freedom of travel.

Airwheel electric wheelchair can also be controlled by Bluetooth wireless remote control and mobile phone, which can realize the functions of controlling the movement of wheelchairs, quickly lighting the headlights, etc., and the remote control of mobile phones is realized by APP (H3PS model), which greatly saves the trouble of downloading the installation. In order to be convenient to carry and store, Airwheel folding wheelchair adopts automatic folding design. Three different control modes can be easily folded with one button. After folding, the size is smaller, which is portable.

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Airwheel H3mini medical equipment gives rider increased independence, with minimum effort needed to control.

Abstract: Airwheel H3mini electric mobility scooter is designed to give the user increased independence, with minimum effort needed to control the wheelchair. It offers them a more comfortable riding experience and higher riding safety so as to make their twilight years much more convenient and wonderful.

Through further advancing innovation strategy, upgrading design platform constantly, Airwheel’s ability of research and development have been fully promoted, and they always be one of the top in the industry. Airwheel H3mini electric wheelchair is designed to give the user increased independence. The chair is adaptable to the severity of any disability, with an easy-to-use joystick that is used to control movement, like speeding up, slowing down and changing direction, via slightly adjusting the controller. It is designed with a rear-wheel drive system to overcome tough terrains such as hills and ramps and provides a smooth ride throughout.

The H3mini power chair is foldable, lightweight and ideal for transporting in cars and other forms of transport. Airwheel H3mini electric automatic folding wheelchair introduces automatic folding system to facilitate the folding process, which just requires pushing one button. The power chair can reach maximum speeds of 6km/h. The wheelchair is perfect for domestic use and outdoor use such as supermarkets and shopping centers.

Then, it is equipped with a soft and wide saddle. When the elderly are riding H3mini, they can sit on the saddle as it can be powered by lithium battery. Airwheel H3mini smart wheelchair can be also used manually, which makes it easy for use with carers. The powerchair switches between power mode and manual mode with the use of a simple clutch system which is explained in the user manual. Thanks to the Omni-directional wheel design, its operation with 360°steering is more flexible.

Yes, Airwheel H3mini power wheelchair can cover almost all short-to-long distance travels for them, like buying daily articles and visiting neighbors. It also can be a tool for them, such as walking the dog, morning exercise in a near park or just takes it as a comfortable moveable chair in the open air.

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