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Why Does The Airwheel Electric Scooter Is Highly Sought-After?

Abstract: There are many Airwheel riders all over the world, some just join the Airwheel family and some are veterans. Why does the Airwheel electric walkcar is highly sought-after? For riders, it is more than a personal transport, an entertainment … Continue reading

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What Are The Visitors’ Responses To Airwheel C6 & C8 Smart Helmets In 2017 HK Electronics Fair?

Abstract: HK Electronics Fair takes place in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 13 to 16 April 2017. Airwheel brings its latest C6 & C8 smart helmets to HK Electronics Fair. Airwheel booth is situated in 3F D34&D36, … Continue reading

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Unique Features of Airwheel New Products: Racing Helmet C8, C6 and F3

Abstract: The camera has a larger angle view than that of Airwheel C6. The large angle view seems to enable the user to take a better photo. Therefore, it is very popular with the racing car driver. Even some customers … Continue reading

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