Smart suitcase, a burden or pressure-release? Take a look at Airwheel SE3mni.

Abstract: As an increasing popular product, the smart suitcases bring convenience and also inconvenience if it can not be carried to plane directly, especially you are in a hurry. Take a look at Airwheel SE3mni suitcase electric scooter which will give you a total burden-free travel experience.

However, such an emerging intelligent equipment, while bringing a more labor-saving travel experience, can really pass the security check and bring onto the plane? Let’s take a look at how the Airwheel SE3mini robotics suitcase solves the boarding problem.

First, SE3mini can carry the boarding directly without consignment. By the way, its internal storage space is 26L, which can meet the short-distance travel within a week. Second, the battery pack is detachable. Due to safety issues, major airlines have made the “need to remove the battery pack to pass the security check and boarding” for the smart luggage. Therefore, the battery pack of the SE3mini scooter luggage adopts a modular design, and there is a special battery pack storage bag inside. Just open the cover, you can disconnect the battery pack from the suitcase and take out the battery pack, super simple.

Now that it has fully met the needs of boarding, let’s talk about the powerful function of the SE3mini that will bring convenience to the journey.

1) Ridable

The Airwheel SE3mini is motorized rideable luggage equipped with a motor wheel and a hidden handbar, allowing travellers to ride at a speed of 6km/h. It adopts an integrated aluminum alloy frame, with strong supporting structure and large enough bearing capacity, which can effectively ensure that the body is stable and not deformed, and the items inside are protected from being squeezed.

2) Charge the electronic device.

The outside is expanded to have a dual USB charging ports, which can charge mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices anytime and anywhere, so that the journey is free from the inconvenience of low battery.

If you often need to fly around with your suitcase, and you are tired of the experience of breaking your legs at the airport, let the Airwheel SE3mini scooter suitcase bring a revolutionary experience.

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