How To Define The Airwheel C8 Smart Full Face Helmet?

Abstract: After developing different smart vehicles, Airwheel keeps working hard to explore in smart helmets. Airwheel C8 full face helmet can be used during riding vehicles or display its functions in other outdoor activities.

Many people have deeply fallen in love with Airwheel electric scooters for its high-quality and brilliant performances. Except the other nine major series of mars rovers, the intelligent protective equipment like C series of smart helmet also belongs to the business scope of Airwheel. It can be matched with vehicles or display its skills in other outdoor activities, for instance C8 racing helmet.
Airwheel C8 motorcycle helmet
How to define Airwheel C8 smart helmet? Its born shows the continuous development of Airwheel. When the electric one wheel hits the market, Airwheel starts the trend of two-wheeled electric scooter; later the saddle equipped self-balancing scooter came out. Airwheel not only prevails in the market but also succeeds to launch the mars rover with two-mode riding postures. It seems to be a sudden action for the efforts on the protective equipment, Airwheel C8 follows the far-reaching plan of its comprehensive intelligent equipment. C8 covers a brand new scenario. During your riding or some Extreme sports, a helmet is necessary to protect yourself. But the riding or Extreme sports, along with Airwheel C8, will be more interesting.
Airwheel C8 motorcycle helmet
Airwheel C8 intelligent racing helmet has made ingenious combination between intelligent technology and helmet and transforms the illusory imagination into reality. The helmet for sale is embedded with a high-definition camera. The 2K field of vision can capture the images through your eyes or record the wonderful moment by means of videos, instead of stopping to take several pictures by cameras. With C8, the exploration won’t be lonely anymore. It can be connected with mobile phones and then users can upload your videos or images into social platforms. It deals with the trouble that most cameras cannot import the files into phones timely. Users can listen to music while riding. The wind sound won’t influence the listening effect during outdoor activities thanks to the high tone quality Bluetooth loudspeaker.
Airwheel C8 motorcycle helmet
How to define it? C8 cool motorcycle helmet servers as not only a head protector, but also a gadget to make the journey more wonderful and unforgettable.

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