To Ride With Abandon, To Wear Airwheel C8 Motorcycle Helmet

Abstract: With the increasing demand of intelligent equipment, Airwheel, as a leadership of intelligent equipment industry, specializes in developing more and more practical and intelligent equipment to this society, such as C8 smart helmet.

When should we wear helmet? When kids play skidding, they wear helmets to protect their head; installation workers wear helmets to prevent their head from damaging on project site; motorcycle drivers also need to wear helmets to cope with any emergencies. However, the common helmets are no longer to meet the demands of the public. Airwheel specializes in developing more and more practical and intelligent equipment to this society, and C8 racing helmet is to satisfy more requirements.
Airwheel A6
Helmets can be seen here and there in our daily life. What are the features of Airwheel C8? Fundamentally, C8 full face helmet is a guarantee for most dangerous activities. No matter it is used for the express or take-out industry, Extreme sports or normal riding by bicycles or motorcycles, people choose to wear helmets in order to avoid risks when occurring emergencies. So we can say this role C8 plays is a preliminary.
Airwheel A6
The above is only one side of C8 intelligent racing helmet. What about the other side? It gathers several kinds of core technologies to show its multiple functions. For instance, picking up phone calls during riding won’t be so dangerous. Other than that, C8 smart motorcycle helmet can also play music for users. Users can connect the phone to the Bluetooth so that they can listen to music when riding.

Airwheel A6

With the help of Wi-Fi modular, users can share the videos or pictures with friends or upload them into social media platform. Besides, riders can use a different angle to see what they’ve experienced in their journey. It owes to the high-definition sports camera. The 2K resolution ratio and 120°view-shed play a key role in reflecting screens. The battery with the capacity of 3000mAh can support continuous shooting for about four hours. After long-time shooting, there is no need to worry about its storage space since it can support a maximum of 128G which lifts its performance to a higher level. Now, wear Airwheel C8 helmet camera to enjoy riding fully.

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