Airwheel H3T power wheelchair itself will prove it is a thoughtful Christmas gift.

Abstract: There is only one month left in 2019. The Christmas and New Year is just around the corner. Have you began to select the gift? Try the Airwheel H3T for your aging parents.

The following will prove Airwheel H3T is a thoughtful Christmas gift.

1. A wide range of users: Compared to traditional wheelchairs, the power of Airwheel H3T electric wheelchairs is not only suitable for elderly and frail elderly, but it is also suitable for the mass. Smoothness, long-lasting power, and adjustable speed are all unique advantages of H3T.

2. Convenience: The traditional hand-pushing wheelchair must rely on manpower to push and pull forward. If there is no one to take care of it, you have to push the roller by yourself. The Airwheel H3T smart wheelchair, unlike traditional wheelchairs, is equipped with a powerful motor system that can be flexibly driven by electric energy at speeds up to 6km/h. As long as it is fully charged, you can easily operate without the need of others. The H3T is powered by electricity and can be recharged which is more environmentally friendly.

3. Easy operation: It is super easy to use with three different ways to choose. In addition to the smart joystick that can be interchanged on the pole, it is also equipped with a Bluetooth remote control and a smart app developed for the mobile phone. H3T electric automatic folding wheelchair can be used to remotely control it to switch, turn on the lights, fold/expand, move, etc.. It can be flexibly selected according to actual needs in different situations.

4. Safety guaranteed: The production technology of electric wheelchairs is becoming more and more mature, and the brake equipment on the body can be mass-produced after being tested by professionals. H3T power chair is equipped with an EABS electromagnetic brake that instantly responds to the brakes when the hand holding the intelligent controller is released, ensuring safe riding.

5. Freedom enhanced: With H3T medical equipment, you can consider doing your own daily activities such as grocery shopping, cooking, ventilation, etc. One person + one electric wheelchair can basically do it.

Media Contact:

Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited

Contact Person: Jonas


Phone: +32 106 133 24


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Airwheel SR5 auto-following luggage is a new option for tech-savvy traveller.

Abstract: If you are eager for a smarter, more labor-saving journey, then choosing the Airwheel SR5 intelligent self-driving suitcase which will definitely give you a completely different convenient experience.

As a suitcase, the Airwheel SR5 integrates UWB’s high-precision positioning module to form a real-time signal transmission with the smart bracelet. As long as the wristband is turned on and follow mode are turned on, SR5 self-following suitcase will know the owner’s coordinate information in real time, and actively put down the motor wheel that the suitcase originally retracted (this design is to reduce the wear of the motor wheel and prolong the service life), and drive it to follow the owner. On the way to follow, SR5 will determine the appropriate following speed according to the distance and maintain the proper following distance.

In order to ensure that the Airwheel SR5 self-driving luggage can also bring people’s peace of mind in the dense crowd, the R&D team especially integrates infrared sensor, ultrasonic detector and other sensor modules to intelligently sense obstacles in the surrounding environment. It will feedback to the intelligent hub, real-time revision of the following path, to avoid collisions with surrounding obstacles and other passers-by. At the same time, it will detect the distance from the owner in real time and set a safe alarm distance. Once it exceeds 3 meters, the bracelet worn by the user will immediately start to vibrate and attract attention.

Due to the airline’s series of regulations on smart luggage, the SR5 smart suitcase‘s battery pack has a modular design that can be removed directly without tools. The cover is designed with a side-opening design, and a reasonable storage bag is planned, and the inner space is separated by an inner cover. The clothes and trivial items can be stored in a well-organized manner, and it will not cause the contents to be scattered if opening the outer cover.

The size conforms to the 20-inch boarding specification. SR5 intelligent auto-following luggage can directly carried to boarding; the storage space reaches 30L, which can meet the needs of the journey within one week; SR5 also retains the draw-bars for towing, and there are three gear positions that can be adjusted to meet the needs of different situations.


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Smart suitcase, a burden or pressure-release? Take a look at Airwheel SE3mni.

Abstract: As an increasing popular product, the smart suitcases bring convenience and also inconvenience if it can not be carried to plane directly, especially you are in a hurry. Take a look at Airwheel SE3mni suitcase electric scooter which will give you a total burden-free travel experience.

However, such an emerging intelligent equipment, while bringing a more labor-saving travel experience, can really pass the security check and bring onto the plane? Let’s take a look at how the Airwheel SE3mini robotics suitcase solves the boarding problem.

First, SE3mini can carry the boarding directly without consignment. By the way, its internal storage space is 26L, which can meet the short-distance travel within a week. Second, the battery pack is detachable. Due to safety issues, major airlines have made the “need to remove the battery pack to pass the security check and boarding” for the smart luggage. Therefore, the battery pack of the SE3mini scooter luggage adopts a modular design, and there is a special battery pack storage bag inside. Just open the cover, you can disconnect the battery pack from the suitcase and take out the battery pack, super simple.

Now that it has fully met the needs of boarding, let’s talk about the powerful function of the SE3mini that will bring convenience to the journey.

1) Ridable

The Airwheel SE3mini is motorized rideable luggage equipped with a motor wheel and a hidden handbar, allowing travellers to ride at a speed of 6km/h. It adopts an integrated aluminum alloy frame, with strong supporting structure and large enough bearing capacity, which can effectively ensure that the body is stable and not deformed, and the items inside are protected from being squeezed.

2) Charge the electronic device.

The outside is expanded to have a dual USB charging ports, which can charge mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices anytime and anywhere, so that the journey is free from the inconvenience of low battery.

If you often need to fly around with your suitcase, and you are tired of the experience of breaking your legs at the airport, let the Airwheel SE3mini scooter suitcase bring a revolutionary experience.

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