Things to Consider When Getting the Luggage for Kids

Abstract: There are a lot of different designs and concepts for kids luggage available to buy on the market. However, it is important to make the choice based on needs and utility. Maybe the test ride of Airwheel SK3 children travel suitcase can be your reference.


The best suitcase for children should be a durable one that lasts for years without wear and tear. Luggage made from less durable materials will cost you more in the long run.In some cases, luggage can even break while traveling, which can be even more stressful. Therefore, it is best to let the children sit on the suitcase or drag it by themselves. Airwheel SK3 rideable suitcase for kinds meets this and it is strong and durable, and can be used for a long time.

Ergonomic Design

Kids will love to carry around if the suitcase is ergonomically designed. Airwheel SK3 suitcase electric scooter for kids can also easily for the child to push, pull and pick up. What’s more, the DIY stickers with different colors are available. Dress up each child’s unique personality suitcase. The cartoon stickers are waterproof, and can be pasted repeatedly with good flexibility, and not easy to tear.


The best luggage for children should be comfortable to push around and carry by children. It should not be too heavy, too kinky, etc. The more comfortable the bag, the easier it is to carry, the happier the child will be when he pushes it around and feels more independent. Airwheel SK3 children travel suitcase is inspired by the child’s bright smile, and incorporates the arc of the smile into the product shape, using rounded corners, while reducing the risk of direct injury.

Materials Used

Materials are also one of the biggest considerations in finding the best luggage for children. For frequent travelers, looking for something sturdy and comfortable is a great option. Other items to consider include waterproof materials, hard and soft shells, fabrics or plastics and more. Airwheel SK3 chooses the child-friendly and safe materials to give us a worry-free travel experience.


If you require more help, please feel free to contact our customer service team. Reach us via email or by phone, please email or call our number +32(0)2 259 45 83.

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A better way to travel–Airwheel SE3mini motorized rideable luggage

Abstract: Since its establishment, Airwheel has been focusing on intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things sensing technology, artificial intelligence, multi-dimensional intelligent transportation, etc., adhering to the concept of “free intelligent life” and applying artificial intelligence technology to our daily lives, and SE3mini scooter luggage was born to promote the its concept.

Though it’s name mini, Airwheel SE3mini has an internal storage space of 26L, and is designed with reasonable functional partitions, which can facilitate the convenient storage and organization of luggage; it has an ABS + PC casing, which is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, splash-proof, making it can also stay brand new in long time use; it has a three-stage adjustable double-row design rod, which can satisfy the comfortable dragging experience of users of different heights, but as a smart luggage, the Airwheel SE3mini suitcase electric scooter does not stop there.

Airwheel SE3mini motorized rideable luggage is equipped with powerful 4-inch motor wheels, and two 4-inch pneumatic tires with strong passability and good shock absorption performance. The riding operation is very simple. To switch from the normal mode to the riding mode, just press the stretch / fold switch on the suitcase, pull out the riding rod, and then turn the handle to move forward.

The lithium battery pack that provides the main source of power, which adopts a design that can be easily disassembled. After opening the lid to a certain angle, the battery pack can be quickly removed and such flexible use of this design can facilitate daily charging, and can also improve battery life by being equipped with multiple sets of batteries. The main frame of SE3mini riding luggage is fully reinforced with two sets of box frames made of aviation aluminum alloy materials, and the strength and hardness are strengthened with special technology, with the load ability of 100kg.

In order to improve the riding safety in the dark environment, the rear of the Airwheel SE3mini smart suitcase is designed with LED taillights, which will automatically light up when braking and can warn pedestrians and vehicles in the rear to avoid collision. At the same time, the side of the suitcase is also designed with colorful breathing lights, which is particularly eye-catching in the crowd.

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The long desired smart suitcase for kids and parents — Airwheel SQ3

Abstract: In recent years, in response to the needs of children’s outings and summer camps, many children’s suitcases have emerged, which can be seen in train stations and airports. Welcome to try this child’s playmate–Airwheel SQ3 robotics suitcase for kids.

When it comes to traveling with kids, no form of transportation is without hassle. You can’t control bumper-to-bumper traffic or flight delays, but smart carry-on luggage can make going from point A to B slightly less hellish. Here is Airwheel innovative carry-on luggage for kids SQ3 to help keep you organized and ensure the next trip is smooth.

Airwheel SQ3 cartoon suitcases for boys and girls can sit and ride, stylish in appearance, powerful in function and excellent in sound quality. The front wheels are motor-powered wheels, and the tread pattern on the tread is mainly designed to prevent slippage, achieve better grip, and avoid dangers such as slipping on smooth roads and slipping on slopes. In addition to riding and dragging, SQ3 children scooter luggage provides parents with other options.

Carrying: The handle is made of TPU elastic material, which is convenient for lifting and carrying. Shoulder-on: Here you need to use the straps that come with SQ3, which is designed with buckles on the front and back. You only need to attach the straps and you can carry it on your shoulders.

Airwheel SQ3 also supports many music playback modes. It can be paired with mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to enjoy as much as you want. In addition to daily necessities, the wide suitcase allows children to put their favorite toys and snacks in, creating a private space and improving their independence. When the SQ3 riding luggage for kids slides, the built-in lamp beads generate electricity and emit light through the principle of electromagnetic induction, which not only has a cool appearance, but also increases the fun of children playing at night. The Airwheel SQ3 adopts a compact design based on the size of the child, allowing them to easily take care of their luggage. Built-in all-aluminum alloy thickened drawbar gives them smooth feel with low shaking. They can find comfortable gears for heights above 100cm.

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