The long desired smart suitcase for kids and parents — Airwheel SQ3

Abstract: In recent years, in response to the needs of children’s outings and summer camps, many children’s suitcases have emerged, which can be seen in train stations and airports. Welcome to try this child’s playmate–Airwheel SQ3 robotics suitcase for kids.

When it comes to traveling with kids, no form of transportation is without hassle. You can’t control bumper-to-bumper traffic or flight delays, but smart carry-on luggage can make going from point A to B slightly less hellish. Here is Airwheel innovative carry-on luggage for kids SQ3 to help keep you organized and ensure the next trip is smooth.

Airwheel SQ3 cartoon suitcases for boys and girls can sit and ride, stylish in appearance, powerful in function and excellent in sound quality. The front wheels are motor-powered wheels, and the tread pattern on the tread is mainly designed to prevent slippage, achieve better grip, and avoid dangers such as slipping on smooth roads and slipping on slopes. In addition to riding and dragging, SQ3 children scooter luggage provides parents with other options.

Carrying: The handle is made of TPU elastic material, which is convenient for lifting and carrying. Shoulder-on: Here you need to use the straps that come with SQ3, which is designed with buckles on the front and back. You only need to attach the straps and you can carry it on your shoulders.

Airwheel SQ3 also supports many music playback modes. It can be paired with mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to enjoy as much as you want. In addition to daily necessities, the wide suitcase allows children to put their favorite toys and snacks in, creating a private space and improving their independence. When the SQ3 riding luggage for kids slides, the built-in lamp beads generate electricity and emit light through the principle of electromagnetic induction, which not only has a cool appearance, but also increases the fun of children playing at night. The Airwheel SQ3 adopts a compact design based on the size of the child, allowing them to easily take care of their luggage. Built-in all-aluminum alloy thickened drawbar gives them smooth feel with low shaking. They can find comfortable gears for heights above 100cm.

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How to enjoy a burden-free journey? –Airwheel SE3 rideable suitcase

Abstract: Airwheel is a high-tech company focusing on the research and development of innovative artificial intelligence and multi-dimensional intelligent transportation. Therefore, the SE3 smart luggage is also full of technology.

Unlike traditional luggage, it has two modes that can be switched at will: traditional drag mode and intelligent riding mode. The switching mode between the two modes is very simple, just press the telescopic switch in the corner and adjust the riding height. In the riding mode, the Airwheel SE3 riding luggage is mainly driven by 6-inch motor front wheels, with a speed of up to 10km/h. Facing large places such as airports and stations, it can make up for the lack of suitable mobility tools and make the journey less walking.

Considering that there are some fragile or in-compressible things in the luggage, the interior of the SE3 is specially reinforced with two sets of aluminum alloy frames, which can fully bear the rider’s weight and ensure the luggage in good condition. The riding rod is not only equipped with a driving computer with LED, which can check the remaining power, speed and other information. It also has an electronic brake, which can be braked quickly when pressed to avoid collision. What’s more, there is a smart brake light at the rear in riding mode, which is used to remind the passersby to pay attention.

In order to make it more convenient for users, the research and development team of Airwheel has also developed a dedicated app for the suitcase SE3 carry-on smart luggage, which is suitable for IOS / Android with personalize settings and develop fault detection functions to reduce the difficulty of daily maintenance.

Airwheel firmly believes that the SE3 scooter suitcase can also bring more convenience to the journey. Therefore, it is also designed with a USB charging port. The storage space inside is also very reasonable. It is divided into internal and external parts, separated by a soft zipper compartment. The outer space is designed with multiple sets of storage bags of different sizes, which can be used to store all kinds of trivial items.

With a smart suitcase like the Airwheel SE3, will you still give up your vacation because of the reason of “too tired to travel?”

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What changes can Airwheel H3T electric automatic folding wheelchair bring to our life?

What changes can Airwheel H3T electric automatic folding wheelchair bring to our life?
Abstract: Our lives are undergoing rapid changes. The popularity of intelligent equipment has brought us a lot of convenience, and of course the special groups are included, such as people with difficulty in moving and the elderly. As an innovative company specializing in intelligent life solutions for various scenarios, Airwheel has released H3T smart wheelchair for easy movement.

My parents have traveled all over the world when they are young. Now, they cannot go out easily and I know they have to face it. A friend recommends me Airwheel H3T for them and I have tried it several times before I get it for them. In terms of power, H3T medical equipment is equipped with a powerful motor, which can easily move forward under the drive of a battery. The speed can reach 6km/h, there are different gears adjustable, and the parking capacity can reach 8°.

Elderly people with poor physical fitness will not suffer from inadequate driving strength and difficulty in climbing uphill due to insufficient arm strength. In addition, it uses a dual drive system with a worm drive structure, which avoids the disadvantage that a single motor cannot follow a straight line, and ensures that it can exhibit a large enough torque in a small space and has powerful performance. The front wheels use 8-inch universal wheels, and the rear wheels use 12.5-inch non-slip inflatable tires. Whether it is on flat road conditions such as concrete roads and marble, or slightly complicated road conditions such as grass, sand, speed bumps, etc. H3T power chair goes smoothly.

I pay special attention to the power. H3T electric mobility scooter uses industrial-grade lithium batteries, which not only has high safety performance and long service life, but also achieves stable power output, high charging efficiency to meet daily needs. In terms of control modes, H3T smart wheelchairs provide remote control, as well as smart APPs specially developed for mobile terminals. Several remote control methods can be used to control power on / off, speed adjustment, body folding / unfolding, lighting on, etc. The automatic folding design is what we need most, as it can be packed at car trunk.

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